Another great European Dog Show

At the time of writing the Czech canine organisation (CMKU) is hard at work on the last preparations for the FCI European Dog Show 2014 in Brno. The number of entries is impressive almost 15,000 dogs + those who take part in the circuit breed club shows.

The CMKU which back in 1991 also organised the EDS – also in Brno – is an experienced organiser and I am convinced that the event is in the best hands and that the FCI Europe Section will be proud of the show when the results are available.

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Jørgen Hindse
President of the FCI Europe Section

Hungary - Kecskemet, 6-7 September

Italy - Ravenna, September 28th

Japan - Saitama, October 4th

Luxembourg, October 31st

Peru - September 21st

The Netherlands

Dutch Championship Coursing 475 m – August 17th

Benelux Winner Show - 6-7 September

Dutch Championship Obedience – September 7th

Spain - Talavera de la Reina, 4-5 October