Another great European Dog Show

At the time of writing the Czech canine organisation (CMKU) is hard at work on the last preparations for the FCI European Dog Show 2014 in Brno. The number of entries is impressive almost 15,000 dogs + those who take part in the circuit breed club shows.

The CMKU which back in 1991 also organised the EDS – also in Brno – is an experienced organiser and I am convinced that the event is in the best hands and that the FCI Europe Section will be proud of the show when the results are available.

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Jørgen Hindse
President of the FCI Europe Section
Svenska Kennelklubben celebrates 125 years!

The Swedish canine organisation (SKK) was founded on the 13th of December 1889. The founder was Count A P Hamilton. The club consisted mostly of upper class men with an interest in breeding hunting dogs and in hunting. Some of Sweden’s national breeds were formed during this first period of the club’s existence. Dog shows and breed clubs also developed with time.

Through the years SKK has developed to be a club for all people interested in dogs and dog sports. SKK has almost 300,000 members divided into about 1,000 clubs. Today 2/3 of the Swedish dog population has a pedigree issued by SKK.

2014 is our 125th year as a club. How to celebrate such a big event?!

  • Our member magazine Hundsport has created a chronicle over the last 25 years, including what has happened overall in our organisation, new sports that have been introduced; most and foremost Agility and Freestyle. The effect when Sweden entered the EU and the effect the lifting of the quarantine rules had on dog sports and breeding. The changed attitude towards dogs, now a member of the family, before more of a “pet”.
  • Open House: in June this year we invited clubs and members to our office to see our museum and library. A good lunch was offered and a possibility to mingle with SKK General Committee.
  • 13-14th of December we organise our International Jubilee Winner Show at Stockholmsmässan. The theme is birthday celebrations. Apart from the dog, show visitors will be shown a wide range of different dog sports, short lectures, and a soft toy dog show for children up to seven (7) years. Discover dogs will have around 150 breed clubs present to inform about their breed/s. The Swedish national breeds will be especially promoted and noticed.
  • The start of the finals, will, as always, be spectacular and will remind you of a Swedish specialty, the Princess cake!

We are all very welcome to Sweden in December!

Congratulations from the FCI General Committee !